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nichols. then a debate on fracking. >> energy self-sufficient and can ensure -- >> coming from an area that is tougher from the legacy of industrial pollution, there are all saying, dear governor cuomo, we need you to make sure this is an adequate, comprehensive, and it must be completed before any other step in the process moves forward. >> as new york weighs whether to lift a moratorium on fracking, we will host a debate. all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the u.s. congress opened its 113th session thursday, swearing in a record number of women and people of color. new members include the only african-american now serving in the senate, tim scott of south carolina, the first black republican senator in more than 30 years. congress now has a record number of women in both chambers, 81 in the house and 20 in the senate. the house narrowly reelected john boehner as house speaker despite criticism from party conservatives over his handling of the so-called fiscal cliff. the new congress faces another loomin
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. and i think that was noteworthy because previously it's really been an issue just the energy and commerce committee has dealt with. and i think it's a sign that they are making more of a comprehensive push to pressure the defense department to find, you know, some airwaves that they can relinquish to the private sector. >> host: go ahead, gautham. >> guest: i would just add i think spectrum reallocation from the government to the private sec or to have will be a priority in this coming year. senator thune offered an amendment to the defense authorization bill in december which would have directed, i believe, the 1450 band of spectrum -- i'm not certain about that -- but a band of spectrum that is currently held by the defense department, would have directed it to be freed up for commercial use. so he's shown that that's a priority for him. and the wireless companies are probably correct in the sense that their appetite for spectrum will not be sated by this coming auction. it will be something like 500 megahertz at most, and that is really not in line with the growing appetit
to happen. >> you know, dan, you basically agree that energy efficiency is a noble goal, but you also think it's okay to tax mileage on electric cars. generally you tax things you want to do less of. so you wouldn't tax electric cars. and you would more heavily tax the things that you want to consume less. and that is carbon. >> here's the thing. first we're strong supporters of investments that will help increase the number of electric cars on the road. that's a good thing. but at the same time our infrastructure is ailing. it's estimated that half of our roads need to be resurfaced or repaired. close to 1/3 of the interstate highway system is in sub standard condition that has economic costs. right now the gasoline tax doesn't pay for all the repairs that are needed. so we've got to raise revenue. and it's better to do it from the users of the roads including electric vehicles rather than from the general public. if you live in new york city or chicago and only ride the subway all the time, why should your tax dollars go to pay for roads that you don't use? that's why this -- go ahead. >>
is the dramatic cash flow. energy costs down in the united states, that matters. the saudi plan is finally kicking in. and, you know, this is a cash on hand story. they've really developed a situation where they've brought some labor costs down. they had a pension contribution. always difficult. $1.9 billion cash, they only have one piece of debt due in 2013. this is a much better story. again -- >> i want the bigger takeaways. i care about it, but i don't care that much. i want to care more about what it says -- >> i think that's a great point. the answer is, europe's not getting that much worse. you know, if you were a calculus guy, you would say the rate-to-rate exchange is greater. if we have a problem with the debt ceiling. china is straight up. what is klaus's view on china? he thinks the new regime came in and said, you know what, we've been way too tight, way too worried about inflation. let's put on the jets, infrastructure spend. what i think they're developing in china, and i candidly get this from klaas, it's a sewer situation. i know that sounds strange. but literally they've got to d
debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. >>> with more than 400 million tweets sent every single day, chances are you or your kids are using twitter to communicate with friends and family. >> but you could be sharing more information than you know, and with complete strangers no less.'s kyle michael miller explains how you could be putting your security at risk. >> you don't tweet. you were thinking ahead. >> exactly. that's not a real concern. >> if you are not much of a tweeter at all, you've sent, what, five or six tweets since 2011? >> almost none. >> rub it in. >> hoda, you are the queen of the 23rd, and meredith, whether you are doing the tweeting or it's your kids, they're probably doing it with a mobile device like this, which could be revealing much more information than you want to put out there. ♪ >> today we live in a world of instant communication. that's great for sending messages fast. this lightning speed tweeting, posting on facebook, and instagram could put your safety and s
for cliff stearns. on the energy and commerce committee, is that right? >> no, he is taking over the position that mary bono mack had and he will be the vice chair of the commerce committee. it will be interesting to see how and whether she tries to assert her authority. she has actually told me that she is interested in tackling something related to piracy. but i would agree that it's very unlikely. all members are extremely wary of trying to enact laws of technology that they perhaps have an expertise on. and that they don't understand all the ramifications. and i think with various lobbyists, nobody is interested in having a repeat of that. >> what about potential changes? >> guest: that is the big question. there was widespread speculation however, those plans have been placed on hold. no one knows what to think. his legacy is very uncertain at this place. it has passed that many of the it, the allies have either abandoned the commission in some fashion or arguing that they didn't go far enough in the rules that they implemented. i would not be surprised if the rules were sho
, depriving our economy of talented people with the energy and skills needed to drive innovation. we need to renew our tradition of attracting new citizens to our state, and we need to help our young people stay here, raise their own families here, and remain part of the future of new hampshire. [applause] cut in state support for public education in half while lowering the tobacco tax two years ago was shortsighted. [applause] it hurt our young people and, if not quickly addressed, will impair our future economic prosperity. we must begin to reverse course. in exchange, the university system, working with us, needs to increase the number of new hampshire students admitted to our state colleges and universities and freeze in state tuition. [applause] we must also recognize that not every student chooses the same path, and that our community college system has developed innovative, nimble and cutting-edge programs to educate our citizens. we must continue to support their efforts to build the strong workforce that our citizens need. [applause] i have always believed strongly in the power a
hate it when you say that. but look, bonds offer very little value. i use lindco and lind energy as an example. versus some of the real estate investment trusts. medical and health care. there's a lot of bond alternatives. you don't have to be stopped. >> even a dividend yielder like j & j. >> j & j is so undervalued. stock up 7% to 8% last year? with a stroke of a pen they could get that stock to 80, just by breaking it up. put together by someone who, frankly, i know is revered, weldon. there's no reference here for it. >> what is the ten-year -- what is the yield on the ten-year have to get to before we decide that the great rotation is in the midst of happening from bonds to stocks? >> i would have told you when a dividend -- >> now? >> when we thought the tax was going to go to 40%, i would have said, you know, it goes up a half a percent, that's fine. but look, dividends were preserved. we never talk about how big that was, the dividend -- >> enormous. >> it's led to a lot of buying in the last few days. people said, oh, i've got to sell those stocks. even the worst ones ha
. it is very hard to get there without destroying the economy. we are proposing a third bucket. it is energy. we have it more than anyone in the world now. we traded 1.75 million jobs in fracking natural gas alone. there is great opportunities for us to put people to work. we can bring cash to the federal government. this is the way to put it together. we have the ability to do it. the states are doing it. we have to open up some federal land. we have to get the permitting process right. we have to get people to understand this is being done in an environmentally friendly way. we have to go offshore, we have to go to alaska, we have to be, energy economy. connell: thoughts on jack lew. it is an important nomination. >> jack lew is an accomplished professional. he has been the head of omb twice. he has been the chief of the white house staff. my favorite is you work for the speaker of the house. he understands congress. we think jack is a guy you can work with. connell: no big concerns about anything in the past from him? >> no. jack is a tough though though she had her, but the bottom line i
's turning. are there other sectors like energy other other places that you think are fun to be in a good position? >> you know, when i comes to things like energy and commodities, i like to look for the companies either that are able to get the stuff from here to there or are figuring out how to get away without using quite so much of it. the obvious energy names, i think that's pretty well done. although i can't comment to be an expert on the names in the sector. house sg on its way back. and then you may start wanting to look for, you know, who benefits in the second derivative from those -- from the strength we're going to see in the housing market. >> other key themes, yesterday we is spoke with byron lein who gave us a list of predictions. one of them was the energy sector who said because you're going to see so much more production, you could see a drop in oil to $70. >> that's the privilege of watching this on an airplane yesterday. i saw byron's interview. and i know he came off pass mystic. remember there are some powerful, marginal players in the energy market. we need energy p
're experimenting, you also have energy projects. again, we have an article in the world in 2013 about the extraordinary reduction in cost of solar power, for example, something similar to solar panels. >> there is a china law which is china sort of overproduces to the point of bankruptcy. that is why the panel is so low. it's close. >> do you see technology transforming our energy situation? >> although it's controversial, the fact of the matter is we should give credit to the people who invented these new forms of oil and natural gas drilling generally known as fracking, hydraulic fracking and so forth. those are resources that help us find pore of this stuff. we can have a discussion about recommendation and so forth. it's very controversial. that has materially changed the economic structure of energy in america. if you take a look at conservation and renewables which i think is ultimately the right answer, what you see now is the automation and instrumentation of passive systems, it changes everything. it goes under the term of smart building. roughly 40% of the carbon emissions t
and energy, not only for this year but the next three to five years out. i think financial services deserves also a close look as well with many healthy financial services companies and, of course, what they have done to de-leverage. would i say those three areas before i would look at and focus on with high marks towards energy and some telecom as well. information technology. >> all right, jeff? >> yeah. we like large-cap stocks and in particular we like technology materials and energy. in particular we're actually adding to international markets. we think the valuation is more attractive than the u.s. markets so we think europe is another place we can put money to work. >> gordon, do you see any areas not participating that are warning signs to you or that are opportunities where you can still get in at this point? >> well, one of the things that i've been looking for is a question of whether this whole business of austerity and cutting back is going to have such a detrimental effect that you won't see growth in things like materials and infrastructure overall. i haven't seen that so i th
proof. it also includes measures to help businesses invest in facilities for renewable energy and expand overseas. it will also improve the health care system. the emergency economic measures are expected to total over $225 billion. there will be a shortfall of around $55 billion. the government has decided to make up the difference with government bonds for construction purposes. the government hopes to have the cabinet approve the supplementary budget bill in its meeting on friday. >>> the japanese finance minister says the government will buy bonds to be issued by europe's rescue fund. this is part of a plan to lead the yen lower and spur economic growth. the european stability mechanism or esm was established last october to support debt-strapped countries in the region. >> translator: japan in the future will consider esm bonds an important investment asset. along with other euro denominated bonds issued by major european nations. >> the government plans to use the foreign currency bonds to continue to buying esm bonds. government officials see the moreover as a way to stabilize th
-term target- > > it's going lower though. > > is $24. exploration is where it's at. we need more energy because the world is expanding, and so is the economic base. > > solar. solar. > round 3) real? estate - a new york property recently sold for $88 million. is the housing crisis over? would you pick a stock in the housing sector, or is it done? > > my stock is home depot. i don't really like retail, the bricks-and-mortars, but you look at something like home depot, that is the only place that i can't go on amazon prime and actually buy something. i actually have to go to the store, i have to measure, i have to decide what i want at the retail store, so i like home depot. with sandy as well, i think a lot of people are going to be purchasing stuff for their homes. > > toll brothers and home builders are a bit overdone. we saw that stock go up 50%. but the ceo says that he is looking for home prices to go up 20% in 2013, and 25% in 2014. > > maybe in manhattan. > > so there is a lot of potential. i think the back- door way is to go through wells fargo. i think the mortgage crisis situat
it be steel companies, energy costs are down. southwest air, i never recommend airlines anywhere, but you see them going up. raw costs being down, natural gas staying low. really nice offset to what washington can do. by the way, norfolk southern. look at the transports. southwest air. you have the federal express. this stock is breaking out. that's an asian play. norfolk southern had just been the anchor. truckers are still problematic. but if you can see coal shipments going up, because it's an incredibly cold winter in china, you'll have some surprises in transports. >> energy, in terms of the key costs, going down potentially. maybe that answers the question of some who say, hey, margins have been so high for so long, we're not going to have significant revenue growth this year if we get a 2% gdp number. can we really expect margin of improvement this year, and what kind of multiple do these earnings deserve moving through 2013. >> wells fargo talking about georgia gold. when you hear new housing, listen up. housing is the story, other than what phil lebeau was talking about last week. au
, quirky and fun. >> talking about new things, new ways that you're experimenting, you also have energy projects. again, we have an article in the world in 2013 about the extraordinary reduction in cost of solar power, for example, something similar to solar panels. >> there is a china law which is china sort of overproduces to the point of bankruptcy. that is why the panel is so low. it's close. >> do you see technology transforming our energy situation? >> although it's controversial, the fact of the matter is we should give credit to the people who invented the new forms of oil and natural gas drilling generally known as fracking, hydraulic fracking and so forth. those are resources that help us find pore of this stuff. we can have a discussion about recommendation and so forth. it's very controversial. that has materially changed the economic structure of energy in america. if you take a look at conservation and renewables which i think is ultimately the right answer, what you see now is the automation and instrumentation of passive systems, it changes everything. it goes under the
a specific solution that we were recommending. >> they were seeking to acquire the american energy companies. how do we ensure that nasa's research talent pool and facilities are not required by the foreign interests that may be harmful to our national interests? i guess they would direct that. >> that wasn't addressed in our study in terms of the foreign ownership of the company's credit spigot you've written that the infrastructure capability no longer needs would this be included and what can be purchased by the foreign countries? >> i don't recall that we specified or considered in the deliberations the number the would be a potential buyer. i do want to give you an example of the visit that i made in ohio where the have a large chamber of separations and a great facility. some of the missions needed that, but it is a facility that also has the capacity for other work and so, they had looked at doing some of the work in that facility and they were also discussing to do work in that facility so it would be some aspects may be appropriate for a sale but others may be greater utilization of
and how much time, effort, energy, heartbreak, sorrow, experience standing up for what is right. >> i am the type of individual like it and let it go. it was not right. i could not let it go. the law was on my side and all the outcry against the supreme court about this ruling until the next ridiculous case that came about something similar was the lady who filed a charge of equal employment and it was on the wrong form or wrong date or something and should not have been let go but it is okay, let that one go. those shots were not called but that is my opinion. she is right. it was a long fight and hard on individuals, hard on their families. we could not leave home like on a vacation or go on a trip without revising the attorney where we were and how we could be reached. for ten years. it took me nine years to get my final verdict. i told my husband took nine years and it actually took 18 months to get the bill changed. >> why did you tell them eight? what were you thinking? >> i read the headlines. you don't see indications in the paper of a quick fix. they drag, in the last three year
, litery is taking over for cliff sterns, correct on the energy and commerce committee? >> no, he is taking over the position on the commerce manufacturing and trade committee. marsha blackburn is going to be the fice chair of the full energy committee. it will be interesting to see how and whether she tries to assert her authority in her new role. she told me she is interesting in tackling something that is related to piracy but it is unlikely. i think a broader more important part of the discussion is that it goes with the revolt. all members of congress are extremely warry of trying to enact law with technology they perhaps don't have an extra piece on and they don't understand all of the ramifications. i think that will be an issue. i hear again and again from a member nobody is interested having a repeat of that. >> gautham nagesh what about the federal changes of communication? >> that is the big question really. we've seen the commission at full strength with the confirmation of the democrat and everyone is waiting to see what the chairman chooses to do. there was speculation that he
league baseball team. >> she was a ball of energy. a ball of life and she will be missed by us, everyday. >> reporter: she aspired to be a firefighter/paramedic and tonight they dropped by with with gifts. >> i wanted to give her a a badge. >> plans for a funeral are still pending. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing 92-year-old man. police say walter walt wakumski went missing. police say he likes to visit race trucks and gambling halls and i needs medication for several medical conditions. >> a married couple is behind bars in a deadly new year's eve shooting in oakland sacramento. 34-year-old charles fowler- scholz and 36-year-old amber scholz face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. they believe amber scholz instigated a fight between her husband and a man named carlito montoya. three other people were hurt. >>> a police standoff ends with four people dead in a small town still reeling from another mass shooting. how investigators say this one started. >>> the flu is officially here in the bay area.
acquisition, very good. there's so many notes out today, that energy is going down in price. that's always been the variable that no one can control. i think we've all flown planes and would be shocked that, hey, this is an extremely full flight, will you please put your luggage where you can't find it. i do believe southwest, after what i thought was paying too much for air tran, was able to rationalize this. i like the deutsche bank upgrade. >> then it came out. >> thank you. you know, yesterday's phil lebeau report, you watch the stock shrink as you see the smoke coming. boeing is one of the best-run companies in the world, would i fly this thing. but the technology of a new plane obviously challenged. >> interesting. >> we've had gordon bethune, he calls it a teething problem. which i guess happens with every new model. just rarely on such a public scale, right? this is an operation now. >> you need some gripe water. >> it still works. >> i don't know if you ever used that. that's a way to be able to -- when the kids don't feel well, teething problem. but i will point out, it may be a
, energy and fixed income. 2012 a pretty rough one. 88% of them trailing the market, according to goldman sachs. . the average hedge fund posted a rough 6% gain last year, according to hedge fund research. >>> and the problems continue to pile up for boeing's dreamliner after an oil leak and a cracked cockpit window were discovered on two separate flights in japan today. the latest incidents come ahead of a scheduled press conference from the federal aviation administration and the u.s. department of transportation. that's scheduled for 9:30 eastern. the uf of a is expected to announce a review into the aircraft's power systems after several mishaps on tuesday. 787 at boston's logan airport leaked around 40 gallons of fuel on to the tarmac a day after another airplane caught fire in boston. boeing stock? i'm not sure we have it. don't worry about it. the we're looking at the three-month chart on the nikkei. up 25.65% in the last three months. up another 1.6% today. shinzo abe announcing another stimulus bill suggesting the bank of japan should maybe think about adopting an employment targ
us now. also the former energy secretary and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. good afternoon, is, sir. >> hello, shep, nice to be with you. >> shepard: what did you accomplish? >> three things. as you mixed, one, i think very few talk to the north koreans. we push for a moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests and pushed hard on the american detainee that he get fair treatment. we were assured he would get counselor are access and that judicial proceedings on him would start soon,ful hopefully to send him home. last thely which i think was the most valuable was getting on north korean widespread television advocating for the internet. this is something that does not exist much in north korea that should be pushed. more mobile technology, cell phones but especially the internet. if you know what happened in the arab spring it was twitter and facebook and social media that moved that country to move those countries in the arab spring towards more democracy and more liberation. so i think it was a successful trip. >> shepard: you didn't talk to kim the younger,
stock is energy transfer partners. >> listen to me and listen good. if they do an equity offering the ceo will be on the wall of shame. do you hear me? wall of shame if you do an equity offering. my charitable trust ounce it. it's the worst stock that the trust owns. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> happy new year dr. cramer. >> glad i got that doctorate, man. what's going on? >> breaking bad boo-yah from the land of enchantment. >> a walter white jesse boo-yah back at you. >> happy boo-yah new year to you and your "mad money" staff, jim. >> i had the best staff in the world. let me say i did beat them all in fantasy football. i was going to work it in. this was the best moment. that's a different show. shout out. >> welcome to this week's edition of "cooking with cramer." >> i love peanut butter. >> join us next time for more cooking with cramer. >> sometimes the best stock picks are ripped from the headlines. just like an episode of "law & order" we're on track
she played little league baseball. >> she was a ball of energy. ball of life and she will be missed by us. every day. >>> alyssa treatment of becoming a firefighter-paramedic. they presented her with a patch. proceeds will go to the national center for missing and exploited children. >>> a man stabbed a cab driver last night outside the macarthur station. the incident began with an argument between a man and woman inside one of the trains. the woman got off the train with the man chasing after her. he followed her into the taxi. the cab driver tried to inter convenient and that's when he was stabbed. another cabbie took the cab driver to the hospital that was stabbed. no word on the woman involved. >>> a hitchhiker stabbed a man giving him a lift. it happened on river road. the victim had a child in his car when he picked up the hitchhiker. it is unclear why he was stabbed. but he was able to stop the car and throw the hitchhiker out. he was taken to the hospital with stab wounds and they are now searching for the hitchhiker. >>> this happened yesterday afternoon on gary street near
energy charges from those very strong emotions to compel them to make positive decisions, not destructive ones. >> alisyn: and we should mention that you are a well-known, highly successful talent agent. you represent some of the biggest names in tv news. so you know big egos. is this just the problem of high profile people or does everybody let their toxic, killer emotions get in the way? >> oh, my goodness. everyone does it and i've helped people to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop cursing, change their eating habits, simply because often times they get into an emotional funk and when he they get into an emotional funk, they want a quick fix, something to make them feel good, grab a drink, grab a cigarette go back to the bad guy, bad girl just to do something quickly and often it's counter to what is good for them. >> clayton: let's walk along with what's in the book. never make decisions when you're overwhelmed with urges. that's very hard to do. >> it is, but it's really important that you don't make a decision when you're full of emotion, or urge compelled because you're going to ma
? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> guards say they detained a cat a cats that was trying to smuggle a saw, drill bits, cell phone and batteries into a prison. it happened in brazil around new year's day they tell us. the guards say they caught said cat at the gate after they noticed someone had wrapped it in tape. the prison spokesman says it's tough to find out who is responsible as the cat doesn't speak. officials say the cat does not face any charges, that they consider all 263 prison inmates suspects. emotional delivery for a married couple in california. they got hundreds of love letters. letters somebody stole from their 40 years ago. the couples say they wrote to each other while the husband served in world war ii. they saved all the notes at their home and then a robber took them in the 1960's, the letters somehow ended up with a stamp collector who later died and recently his son tracked down the husband through his military service number and returned the letters. >> it just bri
probably want to get your cardio in after you lift so you can save all of your energy for your weights and do it safely. >> and you shouldn't do just cardio. you brought up weights. >> yes. >> you should incorporate weights as well. >> yes. strength training is incredibly important. women who avoid it, they need to stick with the weights. the weight bearing activity helps prevent osteoporosis and then there is a recommendation that you do three days per week, nonconsecutive days, about eight to ten total body exercises. >> women always ask me, lightweights or heavyweights? what should die? either one works. >> whatever you want to do. if you want to build muscle go heavier. if you're just trying to maintain go lighter. >> okay. for people who have more than a few pounds to lose who are obese, morbidly obese, what should they do? how much should they be doing? >> the new studies coming out show overweight or obese people need to do cardio. however, it is possible to get both by doing circuit training. you can do maybe eight to ten exercises, pushups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, for 30 secon
infrastructure, address our energy challenges, make it an american so american families can make it in america. talk about the safety of the american people that we want to -- again, we must work together in a bipartisan way and with the president calls a national conversation that congress' role in that in terms of protecting our children and their schools and their homes and neighborhoods and communities across the country. we talked about clean campaigns, building confidence in the electoral process. all of this, building confidence that we can create jobs, building confidence that we can keep our people say, building confidence that our campaigns are clean and that we can move obstacles of participation to increase stability, increase the role of money. i hope we can work together to do that. and i was very pleased to see the reaction of the congress, at least on one side of the idle, for comprehensive immigration reform. i would tie that to the new members that they come here as problem solvers. they don't come here as partisan. they come here as representatives, independent representativ
. these new sanctions go after sectors of the iranian economy. key industrial soaktores like energy, ship building and ports. this provides revenue iran needs for proliferation activities terrorism and vast human rights repression. jenna: are these steps necessary in order for the run-up to war? >> look, jenna, we've been, this is the triumph of hope over experience. i have no problem with tougher sanctions on iran. it is an important effort but the fact of matter is we've been negotiating with iran since 2003. 2003, that is almost 10 years now. so once again iran as we do these sort of things iran, centrifuges continue to spin. they continue to work on their intercontinental ballistic missile problem which many believe they will have a missile capable of reaching the united states by 2020 three. they are closer to that. they have a missile warhead program. we keep talking to iran. iran likes to talk to us because it gives them more time. time is on their side. i just don't see this making a huge difference in iran's nuclear program and i think this administration's policy failed so far.
on the shale gas story. on the one hand, the u.s. is going to be totally self-sufficient on energy. people believe in shale gas. other people say that the rates are enormous and yet the oil price doesn't seem to be coming down because of it. which one is it? is it a genuine story or is it -- which one is it? >> it's always complicated, isn't it? i think it's a mix of things. on the gas side of thing, they've seen phenomenal growth. the problem is, oil is a slightly different story. but both the oil and decline rates are phenomenal after literally a few days, the decline rate goes down from 50% to 80%. so you need to keep trimming a huge number of rates. it's very, very expensive. i definitely don't buy the argument that the u.s. is going to be independent by an x number of dates, no. there are lots of problems. infrastructure is massively messed up at the moment. pipelines go another way, oil production going another way. refineries, heavy crude, lots of issues to deal with. i think in terms of why isn't lower gas prices impacting oil, gas and oil don't interact these days very much. oil i
five years. but the concerns seem to be around things like infrastructure, energy policy and immigration and in particular, the general level of regulation. so what cfos are saying to us is what worries them are things more around the microsooidz side of the economy. >> business hasn't really come up with a view for that, hasn't it? >> we'll see what comes out of that. >> thank you for joining us. if you have any thoughts or comments, please e-mail us, >>> we're getting more details on japan's xlumtry budget. kitadai-san, hello. >> hello, ross. the government has compiled an outstanding for fiscal 2012 valued at more than $14 billion. the new liberal democratic led government plans to spend a large portion of the funds on public projects. the budget will focus on targets to introduce resistant construction standards at schools and hospitals, plus provide funds to repair aging roads and water pipes. the extra budget includes funds for ads 1.7 billion lending scheme to encourage firms to develop new technologies and pursue overseas m&a. the lending schem
to, you know, overnight because you want sustaining energy so you're going to do something like a half turkey sandwich, which is fine on whole grain bread you want your blood sugars to remain steady. 30 pistachios, and takes him to eat them. covered with a dark chocolate or piece of cheese. again don't go for the vending machine, bring a snack and you're set. >> peanut butter cup is into the on the list. >> not on the list. >> tucker: e-mail from renee, what are some breakfast ideas for those who don't like breakfast, i know i should eat something and i only want coffee. i'm on your team. >> if you're not the person who wants to eat breakfast first thing, i can relate, i don't like to eat until nine. that's one thing, sometime between the morning when you wake up or lunch squeeze in 10 grams of fiber insurance. if you don't like breakfast food, shake it up. find something out of the ordinary, the kiwa double boosted with the chia or fulgar. that he's inexpensive and i think it's a hot one for breakfast because it's the same amount of calories as oatmeal, but double the fiber. >>
of dropping down out of the northwest following the system over the weekend. most of the energy stays way to the north. we just get the higher clouds. very thick fog in the morning. then kind of a mix of filtered sun. 50s on the temperatures to near 60. a little cooler for sun. warmer on tuesday, could have more than just a couple of 60s and then wednesday you start to see a system drop down from the north. much, much colder air. definitely colder air coming in. it will probably be warmer as we head towards sunday. >> going up and down. >> yeah. >>> 7:26. cracking down on people who steal copper. the tougher security measures at one bay area school district that's been targeted several times. >>> the suspects in the colorado movie theater massacre is due back in court at this hour for the start of a week- long preliminary hearing. we'll have a live report from colorado. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where police are searching for the person who stabbed a man earlier this morning. we'll tell you the motive that police think is behind the stabbing. share everything. share brotherly lo
, on pace to do the highest since the 1980s. that is pretty incredible, and it's changing the global energy stage as we stand here now. >> great news definitely. natural gas having swings today. talk about that. >> i don't know what's swinging more, the natural gas or weather reports. we are going back and forth. what's interesting in this report, natural gas prices, the spot prices, they fell a whopping 31%. that is incredible. the lowest prices for natural gas since 1999. you want an advertisement for shell gas production, that is it, and not only that, that shell gas production is cleaning the environment because we use more natural gas, using less coal, that means less greenhouse e mageses, and they are musing less emissions than they have in many years. great news today. >> wow, thank you so much. great report. >> thank you. >> okay, switching gears here to talk about the housing market. six years after the bubble burst, the consumer protection bureau set to outline a new set of home loan rules, but will the guidelines make the mortgage process transparent or add to confusion? asking s
-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at stay healthy and feel the good. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. >>> you're watching "today in the bay." >> happy friday to you. 9:26. i'm marla tellez. stanford university researchers may have found what's causing young healthy athletes to have sudden heart attacks. researchers discovered higher levels of calcium in patients with a heart condition. scientists have known a genetic mutation is the reason behind abnormal hearts in athlete, but they were not sure why the heart muscle was failing. stanford researchers say medication to restore calcium to normal levels could be one way to treat that condition. >>> in the north bay now, in t petalu petaluma, a 91-year-old woman is dead after being trapped by flames inside a mobile home. these right
, the investments they make, and the clean energy jobs they create. and two million americans who are out of work will continue to receive unemployment benefits so long as they are actively looking for a job. but all this was just one more step in the broader effort to grow our economy and shrink our deficits. we still need to do more to put americans back to work while also putting this country on a path to pay down its debt. and our economy can't afford more protracted showdowns or manufactured crises along the way. because even as our businesses created 2 million new jobs last year including 168,000 new jobs last month the messy brinksmanship in congress made business owners more uncertain and consumers less confident. we know there's a path forward. last year, i signed into law $1.7 trillion in deficit reduction. this week's action further reduces the deficit by $737 billion, making it one of the largest deficit reduction bills passed by congress in over a decade. and i'm willing to do more. i believe we can find more places to cut spending without shortchanging things like education, job t
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